Extending Timed Assessments for Specific Students

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  2. How to Offer Extended Time

Extending Timed Assessments Overview

Instructors can now offer specific students extended time on their assessments, as long as the assessment is already one that is timed. Students that need extra time on assessments must go through Disability Services to request this accommodation and Instructors may not offer this accommodation without approval from Disability Services.

If you have received information from Disability Services that a student is approved for extra time on their assessments, then you can make this change from your course's home page in The Hub. There are a few things to note before making this change:

  1. A student must be approved for the accommodation through Disability Services.
  2. You must know how much of an extension the student has been allotted (can go up to double time).
  3. Adjusting a student's assessment times will change their times for ALL timed assessments.
  4. This change cannot be applied to specific assessments and will not work if the assessment has not been assigned a time.

How to Offer Extended Time

To offer extended time to a student:

  1. Navigate to the course's home page that has a student in need of a time extension.
  2. From the course's home page, open up The Hub and click on the student's name that requires an extension. This will open up their student information tab like so:


  3. Click on the "Course Settings" tab to find the time extension drop down like so:


  4. Choose the time factor that matches the student's approved accommodation. All students will be set to 1 by default to show they get normal time. Students can be approved for up to 2 times the normal assessment time (or double time).
  5. Choosing an option will automatically save that option for the student.
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