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  1. Course Access Overview
  2. JumpTo Access
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Course Access Overview

BlueQuill Instructors normally only have access to courses that they teach, but Franklin staff members may need access to other courses for various reasons from time to time. This article will go over the different levels of access and the procedures to gain those levels of access.

NOTE: The Help Desk is not responsible for fulfilling most of these types of requests.

JumpTo Access

JumpTo access refers to the ability to "jump to" a specific course section(s) in BlueQuill with which you may not be directly involved. The JumpTo menu is found at the top of a user's BlueQuill page only after JumpTo access has been granted.


There are 2 levels of access you may need:

  1. If you need access to a single section of a course, these requests are NOT fulfilled by the Help Desk. This access is managed by the Lead Faculty of the course in which you are requesting access. Follow the steps below to request access to a single section of a course:
    1. Log into BlueQuill > Shortcuts Menu > Academic OR Administrative > Course Permissions form to open up the form below:
    2. Fill out the form by finding your name from the "User" dropdown, select the appropriate course information, and choose the role related to your department.
    3. Click "Submit Request" to submit (you should see your request pop up on the right in the "My Requests" section).
    4. The Lead Faculty of the course will then have the ability to grant you access through this same menu.
  2. If you need access to ALL courses within BlueQuill, these requests ARE fulfilled by the Help Desk, but this level of access will only be granted to staff or faculty for certain roles. Please contact the Help Desk if you have any questions regarding JumpTo access for all courses.

Lead Faculty

Lead Faculty have a unique role in BlueQuill that allows them to manage and approve access to each individual section of their course(s). This differs from being a Course Design Owner, as this refers to the person that is responsible for designing the course and adding Admins/Editors to the course (see Course Designer Access below).

NOTE: This level of access does not automatically provide JumpTo access to all sections of a course, but this level of access is implied seeing as Lead Faculty can approve their own access requests.

The Help Desk does NOT handle Lead Faculty requests. These requests are managed by the individual Colleges to which the courses belong.

To request Lead Faculty access to:

  • Franklin courses: Please ask your department chair to contact the administrative assistant for the College to which your course belongs. They will be able to update the record that will grant you Lead Faculty access through Colleague.
  • Urbana courses: Please ask your department chair to contact the Urbana Director of Assessment and Academic Quality. They will be able to update the record that will grant you Lead Faculty access. 

Course Designer Access

Course Designer access grants the ability to create, edit, and publish a course in the live instance of BlueQuill.

These access requests MIGHT be handled by the Help Desk (depending on the level of access).

If you need Course Designer access to:

  • A particular course, please have your supervisor submit that request to The Institute:
  • ALL courses, please have an Executive Director of The Institute or higher submit a request to the Help Desk on your behalf.

NOTE: Course Designers are responsible for adding users who wish to be a Course Admin or a Course Editor. For more information on these roles and how access is granted, please see our article Granting Permissions in Design View.

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