Release 7.5 (January 30th, 2018)

Changes included in release 7.5 which are affecting following roles are as follows:


A) Student

Assessment Scoreboard


Students will see a much clearer breakdown of points distribution between auto-graded and instructor graded questions which will display on the right side of the assessment object. As the student takes the quiz, the auto-graded points will update automatically on the scoreboard whereas the instructor-graded points will show as 0 and lets students know that they will be assigned later whenever their instructor grades them.

The points here reflect the points assigned to the questions in the quiz and not the total score on the object. These points act as a weighted score of the total object score.


B) Instructor

Due Date Extension

Instructors can now extend the due date at the class level which will affect all students and also each student at an individual level. The date will be available to pick from current date onward.

The changed new due date will display on the object overlay and also display assignments with the new due date on the dashboard calendar.

If an object has a TBA due date, then picking a "new" due date will not be treated as a due date extension, but rather like assigning the initial due date. No one will be notified of the date change, but if you want to change this due date again later on, then notifications will be sent out.

Editing a Due Date:

To extend the due date on an assignment for the entire class:

1. Navigate to the course and assignment that requires a due date extension.

2. Click on the pencil icon next to the "Ending on:" field to pull up a date picker.

NOTE: A reason for the extension will be required to let the Lead Faculty know why the change was necessary. The Lead faculty and the entire class will be notified via email of the change.



3. After picking a new due date, enter your reason for the extension and click "Update Due Date". This is not saved and the date has been changed for your entire class.

To extend the due date on an assignment for an individual student:

1. Navigate to the course and assignment that requires a due date extension.

2. In the Hub, the tab on the right hand side of your screen, find the student that requires a due date extension.

3. Click on the blue calendar icon as shown below to open up a date picker:


4. Select the new due date you wish to assign to that student and enter your reason for the extension (required).

5. Click on the "Update Due Date" button to notify both the student and the Lead Faculty of the change.

NOTE: If a student was given an extension and there has also been a class extension, then the later date takes precedence for the student. Also, only Lead Faculty see the reason for the extension, not the student.


C) Designer

Days of the week in the Date Tool

When choosing the starting and ending dates for a new Learning Object, you can now select the day of the week in addition to a range of days.


D) All

Timezone information

There is now a message displayed at the top of every running course to inform the users on which timezone the course uses for their dates and times. This can be very useful for international students who struggle to keep up with when their assignments are due or when class Meet sessions are held.


To visit previous releases, check here.

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