Participating in Discussions

What is Discuss?

Discuss facilitates asynchronous discussions by allowing students and instructors to post, respond and reply to topic threads.  Discuss is a discussion board built right into the learning objects.

Levels of the Discuss Tool

The following diagram describes the different levels in the discuss tool (topics, responses, replies). 


Here is what they look like inside BlueQuill:



Accessing Discussion Topics

You may access a topic or set of topics through a learning object.  This is the only way to access discussions.

First, locate the learning object that contains the discussion. Click once on the object to open it.

Then, to click on the Discuss button.

This will scroll the interface to the bottom of the object where the discussions are located.


From here, you can review the posts, post responses, and post replies.  You may also create new topics if the instructor has enabled this feature.


How to Participate in a Discussion

Add a response to a topic:

  1. Place your cursor into the plus box (+) below the topic


  1. Place your cursor within the new blank textbox and type your response
  2. Click the Respond to Topic button                                 
  3. Your response will be immediately posted to the topic where your instructor and classmates can see it.


Reply to a response by

  1. Locate the response you want to reply to
  2. Click Reply to this response                                                 
  3. Place your cursor into the new blank text box and type your reply
  4. Click the Reply button                                                            
  5. Your reply will be immediately posted under the response, indented, where your instructor and classmates can see it

How to Locate Notifications

Notifications of posts are available in several locations:

On the Object

Students and Instructors will see notifications on objects that contain discussions. This notification will be displayed for any activity: Topic, Post, Response, and Reply.


On the Discuss button in the Toolbox

On the Topic


Upload an Image

1. Click on the upload image button in the ckeditor to open up the pop-up window for image properties.



2. Click on Upload button, and choose a file (image). Once selected, Send it to the Server. 


3. The next view will let you change the dimensions of the uploaded image. Clicking OK will save the image to the ckeditor.


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