Turnitin For Course Designers

*Disclaimer: This feature is only available to institutions with a account/integration*
To open the ability for instructors to allow BlueQuill assignments to use
1. Open the learning object that will use Turnitin.
2. Click on the "Turnitin" switch to activate Turnitin for that learning object. When this switch is turned on, Instructors will be able to see the "Turnitin" button once inside the learning object.
Here is the Course Designer view:
3. From here, Course Designers may choose to turn on any of the normal options for a learning object, such as "Score" or "Discuss".
Here is the Instructor's view:
Instructors use the Turnitin button to open the assignment in Turnitin. From here you can see submissions from your students. While there is a button to Grade the submission, this grade does not carry over to BlueQuill. BlueQuill grading by you and BlueQuill submissions by the student are still entirely separate from this Turnitin integration and will need to be carried out directly in BlueQuill. 
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