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Big Blue Button Overview

Big Blue Button (or BBB) is a tool that allows both staff members and students to meet in online sessions for discussions, lectures, or presentations. Depending on your Institution, you may use Big Blue Button or Adobe Connect. Click here for tutorials on using Adobe Connect.

How to Meet Online Using Big Blue Button

  1. Navigate to the Learning Object in your course that has a Meet session connected to it.

  2. Inside of this Learning Object, click the Meet button to open the Big Blue Button page.

    NOTE: This button will only appear if the Course Designer turned on Meet sessions within a Learning Object. 

  3. From this page, you will see a button that says "Launch Main Meeting". It may take a few moments for your meeting to become available, but once the button turns blue you may open your Meet session.

    NOTE: You can click "End Meetings" to kick all members out of a Meet session as well as cancel all Breakout Meetings (see Creating Breakout Meetings below). Clicking "View Participants" will show you who has entered the Meet session.


Creating Breakout Meetings

Breakout Meetings are a great way to allow your Students to meet up in separate groups and discuss topics among themselves. To learn more about creating Breakout Meetings, click here.

For more information on what the Student side of things looks like, please visit: 

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