Release 7.4

Changes included in release 7.4 affecting following roles: 

A) Student

Rubric Negative criterion:

A student receiving negative point percentage will be deducted from the total score and not earned points. For example, if an object has a total of 100 points, and the student received 70 for performance and a negative 5% for late submission, then the 5% will be deducted from the total 100, not 70. So the student can receive only a max 95 (5% taken out of 100) on this object.


Warning message on discussion posts:

The student will be given a warning message on leaving a discussion object if they have a post written but not submitted yet.


B) Instructor

Class communication objects:

Instructors can locate one of their previous or current sections and import the class communication objects into a section. 



C) Designer

Rubrics Reuse:

Designers can reuse rubrics by exporting from an existing object and importing into a new object.



D) All

New release updates:

After each new BlueQuill release, users logging into BlueQuill will see a tooltip popup in the top right hand corner of their screen. This tooltip informs the user of a new update and links to the release notes so that you may see what changes we have made recently.


To visit previous releases, check here.

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