Release 6.15

The above release video explains some of the high level features we worked on in release 6.15. They are-

1) Browser recording in CC objects

In this initial release of recording own video using webcam will be available for instructors in class communication objects. We plan to expand this feature to other parts of BQ in future releases.

The max time allowed for the video length will be up to 5 mins, and it will be available only in Chrome and Firefox.

2) Alerts to students that a file is uploaded but not submitted

If students have files that were uploaded but not submitted for grading yet, they will be prompted with the following warning message when they try to leave the object. This warning message will have an option to submit the files, and the message will not appear to students whose submissions have already been locked by their instructor.


3) Assessment updates

We are including more information of student results in the assessment email that is configured to sent to instructor or a specific email address, such as 

  • scores
  • system/instructor graded activities
  • marking student's correct/incorrect response

Here is a screen shot of some of the content from an assessment test result email.


Another change to the assessment on the student side, is the notification message that displayed starting the timer and entering password to unlock the test, has been moved to display inside the object.


4) WIRIS MathML plugin update

A newer version of WIRIS editor has been updated. This allows

  • ALT text for equations for screen readers
  • Hand writing recognition if users want to draw equations


5) We have changed the way discussions inside objects are marked as 'read'. Instead of expanding a topic marking all of its posts read, we are now going to use scrolling and  mark only the discussions visible to the user on the screen as read.


Updates to the beta version of the roster:

We got an amazing feedback from each of our beta users on their participation of the new roster. They were a few changes requested and we were able to deliver them in this release. Some of those requests were-

  • Display the names in alphabetical order
  • Access the new roster from within the course
  • Discussions marked as 'read' in the discuss tool by scrolling
  • Quick reply to student posts from within the roster
  • View images, attachments, and videos
  • Click on a topic from the roster to navigate to the object
  • 'Clear' button to be made larger
  • Cursor is 'hand' when items are clickable

There are still some additions that we would like to make to this feature before we release it to all our instructors and students. One of the bigger task would be to make it accessible from within the object. 


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    Anthony Rogers

    "Discussions marked as 'read' in the discuss tool by scrolling"

    Is there a way students can mark all comments read without scrolling? Scrolling is cumbersome, as you have to stop and hover on each reply.