Editing Course Title

Overview of Editing a Course Title

Course Designers can edit the course title of a current working course and also of an old published course. Each course version will have its own title change.

When a title is edited on a working version, then any future sections that will be deployed using this course will reflect the title change. If the title was edited on an older published course version, then the change will be reflected on all the sections that were deployed using this course version. 

How to Edit a Course Title

1. From your BlueQuill homepage, navigate to the Design menu and find your course that you wish to edit.


2. Once you have opened your course, look for your course name with the pencil icon next to it:


3. Click the pencil icon to allow the title to be changed. You can now edit the title and hit Enter when you are done.

- NOTE: The green circle with a number inside of it indicates how many characters you have left for your title.


4. Your changes will autosave and then your last step is to Publish your changes.



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