Release 6.14



Following are some of the changes in this release:

1. We implemented the ability for designers to edit the course title. Click here for the article.

2. Tools moved from the side page of the dashboard view to the top bar -


3. Roster beta release:

We are doing a beta release for the unified roster view. This beta release will be for instructors only, and they can view student's latest discussion activity in the roster.

This feature is a unified roster view of currently running sections on the homepage screen. Instructors can click on a student name to open a window displaying student's unread posts. This will help instructors to view all of student's latest discussion activity from one place inside roster. They can mark a post as read if they wanted to, and be able to go into the object, from roster, to view the complete discussion.

We reached out to Lead faculty asking for a few faculty members who can volunteer in using this new feature. Based on their feedback and other enhancements, we plan to roll this out to all instructors and students in the upcoming release. The other enhancements could be- instructor able to view student analytic timeline in the roster, instant messaging, integrate other rosters inside course to be an unified roster, and a few more.




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