E-Textbooks With Courseware and VitalSource


NOTE: This article only applies to users in courses that are using e-Textbooks.

Franklin University is piloting an initiative to offer students e-textbooks. If you are teaching or taking a course that is using e-textbooks, this article will show how to access those materials in BlueQuill. 


  1. If your course is one with e-textbooks, it will have an object with the textbook information. In this example, the object is titled "Intro to Psychology"
  2. Inside the object, you will see a new button labeled "Open". Click on this button to open the e-textbook in a new tab. 

    NOTE: If the course designer didn't add any content to the learning object, the e-textbook will open in a new tab automatically when opening the object.

  3. Upon initial login, you will see the welcome page from Vital Source. From this page, you have two options:
    1. Add your email address.
      NOTE: Adding your email address allows you to read your book on many different devices, and share your notes/highlights with other users. Adding your email address is highly recommended because it will also allow you to have access to the e-textbook for 3 years. 
    2. No thanks, I'll skip this step.
  4. Once you enter your email or skip, you will enter the e-textbook. 

Vital Source offers a number of tutorials and videos on how to navigate, highlight, and make notes to your e-text book here: 

For videos on how to navigate your e-textbook, go here:




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