Locking Parts of an Assignment

This article covers:

  1. Overview of Locking Learning Object Tasks
  2. How To Lock Tasks
  3. How Submission Locks Work
  4. How Discussion Locks Work
  5. How Assessment Locks Work

Overview of Locking Learning Object Tasks

Instructors can lock certain aspects of Learning Objects so that after a certain date, students may no longer perform tasks such as: submitting discussion posts, submitting assignments, or taking assessments.

How To Lock Tasks

1. To lock a certain task in a Learning Object, open up the Learning Object's content page. From here, you will see a padlock icon next to: DiscussSubmit, and/or Assess depending on which tasks are activated for the object.


2. Click on the padlock icon to open up a date selector. Select the date you would like the tasks to lock on and you will see the date appear above the task's button.


NOTE: The task will always lock at 11:59 PM, the night of the date selected. 

3. To delete a lock date you have set for a task, simply click the eraser icon next to the lock date and a confirmation notification will appear at the bottom of the page. Click "Yes" to delete the date.


NOTE: Students can view the lock dates by going into the Learning Object from their course page.

How Submission Locks Work

There are 2 ways a student can get locked out from being able to submit their assignment. Both ways are triggered by an instructor. 

1. An instructor can manually set a submission lock date (like the instructions show above).

2. When a student submits an assignment for grading, the student can no longer submit assignments after the instructor has downloaded the first submission.

Students will see the following notification when a submission lock is in place:

Locking/Unlocking Submissions for Specific Students:

1. Instructors can always choose to unlock a student's submission by going into The Hub and opening the student's BQDocs section:


2. From here, click the padlock icon to allow submissions from that student. Alternatively, you may delete the lock entirely to allow submissions from the entire course again.

How Discussion Locks Work

Instructors can add a lock date on the Discuss tool and, once the date expires, it will make the discussion read-only to the students in that object and prevent them from making any changes. There is no current functionality available for the instructor to unlock discussions per individual student.

How Assessment Locks Work

Instructors can add a lock date on the Assess tool and, once the date expires, the students will not be able to submit their attempt. The assess button will display as a disabled button. There is no current functionality available for the instructor to unlock assessments per individual student.


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