Proxy Into a Section/User Account

NOTE: This feature is only available for certain instances of BlueQuill.

Overview of Proxying in as a User

Staff or faculty can be given proxy rights, which allows them to step inside of another user's account and see everything that user sees or step into a section to view the section's content. This can be extremely useful for helping users fix reported issues, edit course materials, and many other applications.

Providing a User Proxy Rights

Proxy Rights can only be assigned by a user with Admin rights within BlueQuill. If you need proxy access, contact your BlueQuill Admin user.

1. From the BlueQuill homepage, navigate to the Admin Tool at the top of the page.


2. In the Admin Tool, navigate to User Maintenance -> Proxy User Maintenance and enter a user in the "Search for a proxy user:" text box. Hit "Search" to select that user.

NOTE: You may search for staff and faculty only.


Proxy In As A User: This allows a user to proxy into one individual's account.

Proxy In To Section: This allows a user to proxy into anyone's account within a section of a course. (Including Instructor accounts)

3. If there is any prior permission access for this proxy user, they will be displayed in Proxy Information. Here, you can edit the expiration date or remove proxy access by checking the "Delete" box and clicking "Save".

4. To assign Proxy In As A User rights:

- In the "Proxy In As A User" section, type in the username of the user whose account will be proxied into.

- Once a username has been entered, you may set the role type and expiration date of the proxy access. Click "Save" to submit the changes.

Default Access: Allows the user to proxy in and see everything the end user sees.

- Parent Access: Allows the user to proxy in and see the end user's course content (such as discussion posts/assignments) and grades. This is useful for users that want to monitor their child's activity in a course, but do not need to see things like the course roster or edit content.


5. To assign Proxy Into Section rights:

- Make sure you have done step 2 and selected a user to assign proxy rights to.

- Select the Trimester, Department, Course Number and Section from the drop down menus.

- Click "Save" to submit the changes.


- The selected user can now proxy into any user's account within that section through a specific link provided by the Admin.

NOTE: You will need the username of the account you want to proxy in as.

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