Release 6.10


This release also included the following features:

Repository enhancements:

In a design course, we can drag a learning object and add it to the repository, just like how we add containers. We also allow adding objects and containers to repository in a decentralized section. Here is a short video on this topic.


Update Username in AdminTool:

An admin can update the username of a student, instructor or a staff member.


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    Rocky Dwyer

    The videos are informative - however, I feel that I will need more than 2 minutes to gain sufficient confidence to move through the system in a competent and capable manner.

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    Sahiti Kanumilli

    We try not to make the release video lengthy, but just give a brief update on all the major features that were worked on. In this release, the major change was the assessment wizard, so that's what the video was just within 2 minutes. Do you need any help with the wizard?