Filter Discussions By Student

This article explains how students' discussion participation can be filtered so that the instructor can see just one student's posts at a time. 


1. To filter a discussion thread to see a specific student's posts, first click on this icon to show the discussion analytics:

2. Here, you will see analytics about each student showing their total topics, responses, and replies, along with a total word count. 

3. Next, click on an individual student to highlight their name:

4. Then you will need to scroll down the page to the discussion topic. Expand the topic to see only the student's posts that you highlighted in step 3. 

*Notice that it will tell you the user name and how many posts they have for that topic at the top highlighted in blue

5. You can also click on any user's name on any of their posts with in a topic to filter by that user:


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    Annette Hoelzer

    Once you have clicked on the individual and sorted, how do you get it to go back to showing all students' responses?

  • Avatar
    Linda Roesch

    Scroll down to the bottom of the view and click on CLEAR FILTER