Release 6.9

Discuss tool design changes:

The discuss tool design has been streamlined and enhanced. All previous functionality that was in the tool before is still there. 

One of the changes is that the options for instructors have been consolidated into one section. 

Click the first icon to add new topics: 

Click the second icon to open the analytics and filter: 

Click on any of the names in this view or anywhere in the discussion tool in order to filter by that user.

Click on the third icon to enable students to add topics: 


Students will see this icon, and be able to view analytics on others' posts and filter names: 

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    Troy Parker
    Somewhat intimidating for a new student such as myself. However, I know I can handle it. Was pleased to see that I can be given feedback from the instructor
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    Paul Meeker
    Tony, be sure to check out the student overview video and article here