Email Other Users From The Hub

The hub allows you to get a list of email addresses or use your default email application to email many users at once. To select a user for email, click on their profile picture to the left of their name. To deselect a name, simply click on the profile picture again. 


You can also click 'select all' to select all of the names that are displayed. Clicking ‘select all’ will select all of the names in the current list of students being viewed. This could be for all courses, or for just one course, depending on if a course filter is applied, or if the hub was opened from within a course.


Once there are one or many users selected, three more options appear at the top, ‘Email’, ‘copy addresses’, and ‘clear selections’.


Clicking ‘email’ will open whatever the default email application is setup for your computer, and copy the addresses into the ‘to’ field.

Clicking 'copy addresses' will automatically copy all the selected user’s email addresses into your computer’s clipboard. When it’s successfully copied, you will see a checkmark appear and it will say ‘copied’ for a moment. copied.png

Clicking ‘clear selections’ will clear any of the users that are selected, and make them all ‘deselected’.

Then, you can paste the names and email addresses into any email client (such as Outlook, Gmail, or Yahoo)

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