Viewing Instructor Feedback

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There are 2 ways in which you may receive feedback for an assignment submission. 
1. If your instructor has uploaded a file for you to view, you will need to click on the feedback icon (shown below). This icon only appears when the instructor has uploaded a file for feedback purposes. 
2. Instructors can also grade submissions in their browser window and send their comments back to you. 
a. If the instructor has chosen this method of submitting feedback, you will first need to open your document(s) that were added to the assignment. (Click on the icon that looks like ).
b. Then click on this icon to the right of the document(s). Note: There is a similar looking icon that appears when you hover over the file name, which is used for sharing the document. 
c. Then click on the pencil icon (appears when hovering over the document name) of the file that was shared back to you.
d. You can re-size the file by using the button shown below. 
e. If the instructor has used the overlay feature for adding feedback, you can see that overlay by pressing the Overlay button.  
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    George Redmond

    Nicely done...thanks!

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    Jane Robinson

    How does a student view the feedback that is entered directly into the Grading Grid?

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    Paul Meeker

    Jane, point number one also applies in this situation. When you upload a file as feedback into the gradegrid, students see the "feedback" icon. If you leave a comment, the student sees that both inside the assignment and in their student grade book.