Viewing Instructor Feedback




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    George Redmond

    Nicely done...thanks!

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    Jane Robinson

    How does a student view the feedback that is entered directly into the Grading Grid?

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    Paul Meeker

    Jane, point number one also applies in this situation. When you upload a file as feedback into the gradegrid, students see the "feedback" icon. If you leave a comment, the student sees that both inside the assignment and in their student grade book.

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    Gail Rhodes

    Is there a way for a student to download the rubric for an assignment? I know it can be viewed by clicking the grid but that is only available if you are in BlueQuill. Often you are not logged into Franklin when working on an assignment and it would be helpful to be able to download the rubric for reference. Thank you.

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    Taylor Barnett

    Hi there Gail,

    This is a great suggestion! We do not currently offer the option to download rubrics, however, I love this idea and I will happily relay this to my team for feedback. As for the time being, my suggestion would be to save a screenshot of the rubric for reference. I know this isn't the most elegant solution, but unfortunately we don't have many other options at this time. 

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