Submitting Final Grades

Submitting Final Grades to Administration/Registrar

Final Grades for a student are calculated by the system and only after ALL assignment scores have been entered for that student.

Final Grades for the class/section can be submitted only after the instructor has accepted ALL student Final Grades.

1. Once all scores have been entered, instructors can scroll to the end of the GradeGrid, then click the ACCEPT button to accept the calculated grade.

2. You will have the opportunity to click the suggested grade (highlighted in blue), or adjust to a different grade. Click on the final grade you would like saved:

3. Entering a comment is helpful to administration to know why the adjustment was made. 

4. Once a grade is selected, it will turn green. The change is saved automatically. Click the 'x' in the top left corner of the box to close. 

5. The grade will turn green and say 'accepted' when the final grade is successfully accepted.

Reminder: You will see a reminder at the top of the GradeGrid alerting you to when Final Grades are due.

6. When all student's final grades are accepted, you will need to submit the final grades for the entire class. Click 'Submit Final Grades' to send the grades to the administrator/registrar. 


7. Once final grades have been submitted, they are finalized. Any changes will need to go through the administrator/registrar.

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