Release 5.9 (October 28th, 2014)

Instructor Role Dashboard


Instructors now have enhanced features at the course level. When instructors log in, they will now see the home page calendar view, which is similar to the student view. This view also incorporates analytics in a central location for each course. To expand the analytics window, click on the arrow in the bottom right corner of the course analytics row.

1 Instructor_Dashboard_1.png


The course analytics view allows instructors to see, at a glance, a variety of ways in which students are interacting with the course, such as grade and conditional object progress, discussion posts, submissions, assessments, and attendance.

 2 Instructor_Dashboard_2.png


Discuss Tool Posting Condition


Designers can now create discussions for which students must first post one or more responses before seeing others' responses. This allows instructors to gauge students' individual understanding before they post comments, and also may encourage students to post original content rather than echoing their peers' responses.


After turning on the Discuss tool in the tool bar, designers enable this feature by clicking on the check box "to view classmates whether students must first post __ times" and then entering the desired number of posts.

3 Discussion_post_designer_1.png


The student will first see a notification to respond a certain number of times in order to see other students' responses.

4 Discussion_post_student.png



After the student responds to the discussion the specified number of times, he or she will then see other students' responses.

5 discussion_post_student_2.png



Assessment Enhancements


Designers now have the option to collapse the preview pane in the assessment tool. To collapse the preview pane, click on the arrow in the gray circle.

6 assessment_collapse_1.png


With the preview pane collapsed, designers will have more room to edit and navigate content within the assessment activity. To expand the preview pane, click on the arrow again.

7 assessment_collapse_2.png


An additional assessment tool enhancement is that the rich-text editor is now collapsed by default when the designer is editing a text activity. This allows the designer immediately see more of the content in the text window when editing or adding content. To expand the rich-text editor tool bar, click on the arrow in upper right corner.

8 CKeditor_1.png


To hide the rich-text editor tool bar, click the arrow again.

9 CKeditor_2.png



Course Templates


Designers now have the ability to "give" courses to other users or to give a copy to themselves. This is the first step toward a full-featured course template integration.


In Design mode, there is a new option titled "Give."

10 Give_1.png


Designers can copy a working copy of a course into a new course as well as name the owner of the given course.

11 Give_2.png


After entering the information for the new "given" course and clicking the Give Course button, the new course is immediately available and the user will then see it in the Design mode course list.

12 Give_3.png

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