Creating Breakout Meetings in Big Blue Button


An instructor of a course has the option to create breakout meetings for students when using Big Blue Button. A breakout meeting is a smaller meeting that happens during a main meeting. So, while your entire class is in one meet session, you can have group breakout sessions to allow for group collaboration or private meetings.

Creating a Breakout Meeting

1. First, all participants need to be in the main meeting in order to be available to be assigned to a breakout meeting. To enter a main meeting, click 'Launch Main Meeting'. 

2. Once students are in the main meeting, they will be available to add to a breakout meeting. To see if students are available to add to a breakout meeting, click 'View Participants'. Below, a list of available students will appear. 

3. To create a breakout meeting, click the 'Create Breakout Meeting' button below the list of participants. Here, you will be asked to type a name for the meeting and you have the option to create or cancel. 

4. Once a name is typed in and 'Create' is clicked, you will see the breakout meeting appear just below the main meeting. 

5. Next, you will need to assign participants to this meeting by clicking "Assign Participants".

6. Select the users who should be assigned to this meeting and click 'Done'

- NOTE: The users selected will see this room as an option when they click 'Meet' in BlueQuill. 

7. Click 'End' under the breakout meeting in order to remove all participants. The meeting room will still be available for assigning participants. 

8. Click 'End Meetings' under the main meetings heading to end all meetings and clear all breakout meetings. 

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