Release 6.8

 **Released on 11/30/2015 or 12/1/2015 depending on your institution's release schedule. 

This release includes the following features and enhancements:

1. Notification of submissions for instructors

  • This notification will display when new submissions have been made.
  • The icon will be 'cleared' when the instructor clicks the docs icon from that student's name in the roster for that assignment.

2. BQ Groups enhancements

  • Instructors can now 'select all' groups or a subset of groups when assigning a group to a learning object. This is done by clicking the circle above the groups to select all, or you can select a subset of groups by clicking the circle inside the group you want to select

  • You can now also drag an object onto a group to associate groups with learning objects 

3. Group discussions and discuss tool enhancements

  • Objects with groups associated with them can support private discussions. Instructors can mark it as private by clicking the menu

  • Marking a discussion as private will give the discussion this label:
  • Instructors can view posts from specific groups be choosing them in the drop down menu.
  • Instructors can add new topics by clicking this icon , from here they have the option to add topics for all groups, or to be private to specific groups

4. Emailing from the roster

  • Users can now select all or specific users in the roster and click 'email'. This will open the user's default email client with the email addresses automatically entered into the 'To' field. 

  • If you need just a list of email addresses, like the previous functionality, click on 'Show Email Addresses'. 

5. Duplicating of Containers in the assessment tool

  • Containers in the assessment tool can now be duplicated by clicking the duplicate icon at the bottom of the container

  • From here, the designer is asked to provide a number of containers to be duplicated and whether or not they should be 'created' or 'cloned'. 
    • 'Create' will create the same structure of the container without the content, like a template.
    • 'Clone' will create the structure AND the content of the container. 

6. New BQ Help Center ( To click  in BlueQuill

  • Search to find an article about a specific topic
  • Check here for releases, help articles, and best practices.

In addition to these items, there are a number of enhancements that were not highlighted in the video.

7. Ability for users to change their email addresses in their profile

  • NOTE: this feature is only available for certain institutions

8. Special user access enhancements, including the location liaison role and ability for special users to see BQ Docs submissions

9. Rubrics in the GradeGrid

  • When an assignment has a rubric in the GradeGrid, it will display an icon which when clicked, will take you to the appropriate learning object. 

10. Big Blue Button breakout rooms

  • For institutions that use Big Blue Button as their meet tool, they will now have the ability to create breakout rooms
  • For more information on creating breakout meetings in Big Blue Button, view this article.
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