Viewing the ActivityGrid


Clicking the Activity button at the top of your screen provides you with a visual listing of several course statistics in a week-by-week table view.


Activity allows you to:

  • View the number of times a class was accessed by each student
  • Course Attendance
  • Pre-course student access information
  • Assignment Submissions for each student
  • Student Discussion interactions


Navigate to Other Weeks

To navigate to other weeks within the ActivityGrid, click on the arrow buttons at the bottom of the ActivityGrid to move forward or back within the course. In this way, you can quickly see the participation of each student in the course on a weekly basis.

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    Jason Thayer

    Can you differentiate between class access and calendar access for us?

  • Avatar
    Paul Meeker

    Objects or assignments opened directly from the student's homepage calendar are considered 'calendar access'. When a student opens the course itself, it's considered 'class access'.