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    Anthony Nolan

    Hello, I am having trouble with being able to use a photo from my computer for my profile picture. I have a macbook, and most all of the photos were taken from an iphone. Has anyone else had any trouble with this, and how can I get it to accept a photo of mine? Thanks, Anthony.

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    Anthony Nolan

    Well it looks like it worked...but sideways. When I edit the photo and rotate it, the picture becomes unacceptable it says.

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    Taylor Barnett

    Hello Anthony,

    Since you used an iPhone to take the picture, I would guess the picture might be a really high resolution. This might make the photo's file size too large. I would try cropping the photo down to the minimum size you need or taking another photo at a smaller resolution (like a webcam photo). Make sure you are following the size requirements listed:

    "*Maximum size of 700kb, JPG, GIF, PNG

    Image will display at 60x60 pixels"

    Hope this helps!

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