Editing Account Information


The Account Section displays a picture of you and your ID number. 


When opened, this is where you will go to add/edit your photo, update your email address, change your password, select your desired language, change the way your first name displays (only available to students), and add links to social networking accounts.


This section allows you to upload a photo from your computer to set as your profile photo. This photo is used for BlueQuill, so all of your classmates and professors will see this photo. You may also update your email address in this section by typing your email into the "Email:" box and clicking "Update".


Password & Security

This is where you can change your password if needed. You may also update your security questions. If you forgot your password or need help with your account, you can contact the Help Desk.



This is where you can change the default language for your BlueQuill account. Just click the drop-down and choose from the options of: English, Spanish, Polish, Hindi, or Arabic. 


First Name

This field will allow you to update how your first name is viewed in your courses. This does not change your official name within your University, but only in BlueQuill where your classmates and instructors may see.


Social Networking

This is where you can connect a Linkedin, Facebook, or Twitter profile to your BlueQuill account. This might be useful if you are looking for networking opportunities at your University or if you would like to interact with classmates outside of the classroom.


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