Viewing and/or Downloading Assignments

Overview of Viewing/Downloading Assignments

Students can submit assignments by uploading files or creating documents in BQDocs. BQDocs is the file system built into BlueQuill that allows Students and Instructors to share files. Instructors can view these assignments in the browser or they can download the originally submitted files. 

Viewing Assignments in the Browser

When students submit an assignment, a blue document icon appears on the object like so:

To view a student's submission:

1. Open up the object with newly submitted files.

2. From the object's page, open up the course Hub. From here, you can see which students have submitted assignments by the blue, numbered icon shown next to a student's name:


3. Click on this paper icon to open up the student's submissions tab. From this view, you can see all files the student has submitted for this assignment (including the date/time submitted), you can upload files back to the student, and you can lock submissions as well.

- NOTE: Red submission boxes indicate that a file was submitted late.


4. If you hover over the student's submission file, you will see 3 icons appear:


Open file: This icon lets you open the student's file within BlueQuill (this option will only be available if the file type is supported)

See history: This icon will show you the file history of the submission, which includes the date/times of original submissions, re-uploaded submissions, shares, etc.

Share with student: This icon lets you share the student's file back with them. This allows you to open the student's file, add feedback to their file, and then share it back to them to view. 

5. Click the paper icon  above to view a student's file submission.

Downloading the Original File

Following the steps above, you can download a student's submission file after opening it in The Hub:

1. Click on the paper icon as shown above (in Step 4) and then click the cloud icon to download the student's submission.


Downloading Using the Submit Button

You may also download students submissions through the DropBox. This can be accessed by clicking on the Submit button inside of an object:

1. Inside of your Learning Object, click Submit to open up the dropbox:


2. This will open the DropBox, where you can quickly download multiple or single submissions for a Learning Object. Use the check boxes to select which files you would like to download or you may click Check/Uncheck All, Select Final Submissions Only, or Select New Submissions to choose which types of files you want to download.


3. Once you have chosen the files you would like to download, click the Download Select Assignments button to download the files to your computer.


Downloading in the GradeGrid

You can also download assignments from the GradeGrid. To download all new final submissions:

1. Navigate to the GradeGrid from your course's homepage.


2. In the GradeGrid, you can see how many new submissions there are to download on the far right hand side of your screen. The orange number indicates how many new submissions you have. Click the Download button below the orange number to download all of the new assignments. 


3. Alternatively, you may also download all new submissions for an assignment or all new submissions of a single student by clicking the orange cloud icon below an assignment's title or next to a student's name.



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