Extra Credit

Extra Credit

Extra Credit can now be added to a course. Please note that to utilize the Extra Credit feature, it must be built into the course at the design stage.

To add Extra Credit, create a new object named Extra Credit (not a required title, but suggested). You can add this object to any existing container or you can add it to a new container.


Open the object and enable the Score tool. Enter the Points Available you wish to add, then check the box labeled Extra Credit to enable the feature. This will add points to the numerator of the course, but not the denominator.


Students can earn Extra Credit, which is added to the Total Earned Points in a course, but it does not add to the total possible points in the course.

Objects with Extra Credit enabled will display in the Instructor view, Design view and Student view with a green plus sign (+) in front of the point value.


This object will also be added to the GradeGrid, to be scored by the instructor, like any other assignment.

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