Configuring Learning Objects: The Basics


Learning Objects have configuration options ranging from content and styling, to tools in the object Toolbox. With the addition of content and linked content within the object, the configuration options become infinite. Those options may be combined in many different ways to meet the needs of the instructor, student, and course designer.


Adding the Short Title

When an object is first dragged into the course, you will immediately be prompted to give the object a title. While this step is optional, adding a short title will assist you in structuring the course content and keeping track of what you have created. The short title is limited to displaying 25 characters.

To add or change the display name of a Learning Object:

  1. Locate the object that you wish to change.
  2. Place your mouse cursor over the current title until you see the text cursor appear.                                                                          
  3. Left-click once and verify that the text is now editable.          
  4. Type in the new title.                                                        
  5. Press Enter on the keyboard to save the new title.              

Repeat the steps above to change/edit the title at any time.


Adding the Long Title

The long title is the title of the object that is displayed when the object is open. Typically, you would use the long title to be more descriptive or detailed than the short title. To add or edit a long title:

  1. Open the Learning Object.
  2. Left-click once in the Title text box at the end of the text to make the text editable.                                                   
  3. Place the cursor at the end of the text, then left-click and drag the mouse cursor to the beginning of the title to select it as shown. You may also use the backspace key to remove the text.               
  4. Press the Delete key on the keyboard.              
  5. Type the desired title and press Enter on the keyboard.  
  6. Click the Save button to save your changes.                      


Changing Learning Object Icons

Learning Object icons can provide students and faculty context to the type of content they will see when the object is open. To change a Learning Object icon:

  1. Left-click once on the existing Learning Object icon.               

This will reveal the list of available icons. 

  1. Review the available icons and click on one of the icon choices. 
  2. Click the Change button to change the icon. This will close the icon choice window.
  3. Verify that the new icon is displayed.                              
  4. Click Save to save the changes. 


Hiding a Learning Object from Students

The Hide From Students option allows you to create objects that only the instructor can see.

This option allows you to hide objects that contain teaching guides, quiz keys or other sensitive information which students should not be able to see.


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