Creating a Rubric

Creating a Rubric

To create a Rubric, open the learning object you wish modify. Rubrics requires the Score tool to be enabled.


Once the Score tool is enabled, the Rubric switch will be visible.


Click the Rubric switch to toggle it to On. Once enabled, the Rubric Editor will appear. 



Click the '+' icon in the box to start a new criteria row. 


From here, you will be asked to define the parameters of the rubric row. 

The first question is about how points will be assigned (either added or deducted):


If you click 'Added to the assignment score', you will then be asked if it should be a range of points or a single static point value. 


- After that is selected, you will be asked to choose how many cells to add (1-4).


If you select 'Deducted from the assignment score', you will get a different second question. The second question will be whether or not you want points deducted or a percentage. 


If you select 'yes' to the percentage, you will go directly to the number of cells question. If you select 'no', you will be asked to provide if you want the points deducted to be a range or static. 

Once the number of cells is selected, the row is created.


From here, there are a number of fields to fill out. 

For the text fields, click inside the field and start typing to enter the desired text. 


There are four text entry fields:

1. Criteria name which is the overall heading for the role (example 'Grammar') 

2. Criteria description can be added if more text area is needed to describe the criteria row. This can be entered by clicking the pencil icon to the right of the criteria name. 

3. Cell name is the area used to describe the performance of that cell (example 'adequate', 'great', or 'poor'). 

4. Cell description can be provided to add specific detail about that performance level.

There are also number entry fields for the point values (either range or static). As with the text entry, simply click inside the field and add a number.


If you need to change the configuration of a rubric, click the gear icon to redesign your rubric. 


To add another cell to the row (maximum of 4), click the plus icon.


To remove a row, click the trash can icon.


To delete the whole row, just remove all the cells of that row and the entire row will be gone. 

To add a new row, click the plus icon as described at the beginning of the article. 


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