Using the GradeGrid

Accessing the GradeGrid

To open the GradeGrid, click the Grades button at the top of your course page.


Downloading submissions

From the GradeGrid view, there is an information section on the far left of the screen.


In this window, click on the Download button to download all new submissions since the last download.

The orange cloud icon  symbolizes a document that has not been downloaded yet. The grey cloud icon  symbolizes a document that has been previously downloaded. 

You can download submissions from an entire assignment by clicking the cloud icon from the assignment column heading (number 1 below). You can download all submissions from one student by clicking on the cloud icon from the student row heading (number 2 below). You can download a single submission for a single assignment by clicking on the cloud in a particular cell (number 3 below).


Entering Scores

Click on the dash or number in the cell that you want to enter a score and the dash or number will highlight.

Use your keyboard to enter a number for the score. Once a score is entered and you go to the next cell, the cell will turn blue. The score will save automatically. 

The blue cell means that the score is saved but has not yet been published for the student to see. Students will see the score once you click publish


Entering Comments

Click on the speech bubble icon  that appears when you hover over a cell in order to enter a comment. 

When you click on the speech bubble icon, it opens a box for you to enter comments.

Click on the 'X' to close the comment box. Comments are saved automatically. After you leave comments for a student’s assignment, that cell will be highlighted blue in the GradeGrid as pending to publish until you publish it.


Uploading a file for feedback

*Note: You can use In Object Grading to provide inline feedback to students without having to download and upload a file. 

If you need to upload a file for the student to download as feedback, expand the cell by clicking on the speech bubble icon in a cell that has a student submitted file. 


Click on the cloud icon that says feedback under it 


Publishing scores and feedback to students

Scores entered into the GradeGrid are not automatically published to students. Once you enter or change a score in the GradeGrid, you will see the pending publish indicator increase for each score entered or changed. The scores will not be visible to students until they are published. 

To publish scores and feedback in the GradeGrid, click Publish.







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