Configuring Learning Objects: Tools

Learning Object Configuration Options

In some cases, turning a tool to the On position is enough to activate it and automatically connect that tool to a service that has already been configured, such as the BQ Docs when Submit is turned on.

Some tools, such as Date and Score require you to add additional parameters.

Learning Object options include:

  • Adding Tags to allow others to easily find this object if it is sent to the repository (see repository information)
  • Adding a Time Estimation so that students may plan the time needed to complete the tasks assigned in the Learning Object
  • Adding Attachments allows for content that may need to be downloaded and viewed at a later time or in a format not conducive to being included in the content sections
  • Choosing Hide from Students allows only those with the instructor role to view the Learning Object when the course is published
  • Turning on Date to configure when the object “starts” and “ends”, also known as when the object is “due”
  • Turning on Score in order to configure the number of points associated with the Learning Object
  • Turning on Discuss and/or adding topics
  • Turning on Submit to allow students to submit assignments
  • Turning on Meet to allow access to the online meeting tool, if one has been included in the course
  • Turning on Assess allows you to add various assessments
  • Adding content to the Student, Instructor, and/or Designer Content sections

Configuring the Date Tool

To configure the Date option:

  1. Click the on/off switch underneath Date to turn it on 

A configuration will appear.

  1. Click on the Select Day box to choose a day from the dropdown list. 


  1. Enter a week number in the Week # text box for the Start on parameter.
  2. Select a day from the Due on dropdown list.


  1. Enter a week number in the Week # text box for the Due on parameter.
  2. Click the Save button on the object to save your changes.

Note: The available date range is from -6 days to 6 days ahead. TBA is used for assignment dates, which are to be announced later, and ‘0’ is used for assignments that start on the first day of the course.

Configuring the Score Tool

The Score tool allows you to assign points to the activities contained in this Learning Object. To assign a point value:

  1. Click the on/off switch under Score to toggle the tool to On.

The Points available window will open. Note also that when the Score tool is enabled, the Date tool is automatically enabled as well and must be configured so the students know when the assignment is “due.”

  1. Enter the number of points desired for this object in the Points available text box.
  2. Enter the amount of points of extra credit in the Extra Credit box if desired. (See "Extra Credit" for more information on this feature)
  3. If you would like to grade the assignment using a rubric, you may switch on the "Rubric" button. (See "Creating a Rubric" for more information on this feature)
  4. Click the Save button on the object to save your changes.

Configuring the Discuss Tool

The Discuss tool allows you to create discussion topics in the Learning Object. To turn on Discuss:

  1. Click on/off below Discuss to enable this tool. 

The discuss dropdown window will open where you will create a new Discussion Topic.

Note:  You are not required to enter a topic when the Discuss tool is turned on.  You can simply activate it and have the instructor and/or students create the topics in the published course.

  1. Enter a title in the Enter New Topic Title box. 
  2. Click on the + add content section. 

This will open the text editor.

  1. Enter the content into the Description section. Entering a description is not required. 
  2. Click the blue Create New Topic button to save the new topic. 
  3. Verify that the new topic is displayed. 
  4. Click the Save button for the object to save your changes.

Turning on the Submit Tool

Turning on Submit creates a place for students to create or upload documents that can be reviewed by the person teaching the course. Click on/off under the Submit tool to toggle it to the ON position.

Turning on the Meet Tool

When Meet is enabled, it creates a link to the online meeting service for the published session of the course. Click on/off under the Meet tool to toggle it to the ON position.

Turning on the Assess Tool

Click on/off under the Assess tool to toggle it to the ON position.

Turning on Assess opens a new section at the bottom of the Learning Object where you can configure a variety of assessments. Choose "Use the Assessment Wizard" if you're unfamiliar with creating Assessments. Choose "Quick Launch" if you understand how to edit Assessments easily.


For more help on setting up Assessments, you can see a video tutorial in our "Release 6.10" article.

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