Release 6.17

Following are some of the features we have added in this release.

1) Franklin new Theme

Designers can select a custom theme from the drop-down list on the course home page and inside objects. 

Pick a theme on course home page:


Pick a theme from inside object:



The styling from the theme will be applied to the object's content. The changes will be visible to instructors and students in classes that has the new theme applied.


When a custom theme is selected from course home page, the styling will be inherited by all objects and applied to their content. But if an object chooses to follow a different styling, it can be done so, by selecting its own custom theme from within the object. Currently, we only have one theme defined, and if that theme is picked then all objects will carry the same styling. But if there were more themes available, then the theme that was selected in an object will take precedence over the others.


2) New email option in the Assessment tool setting

A new email option is available in the assessment config panel, as below.  This selection will send out an email to the teaching faculty and the custom email address that was set by the designer. 










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