Adding a Training User

Overview of Adding a Training User

A Training User is a very useful role that allows the user to switch between the Instructor and Student view of BlueQuill without ever logging out. It only requires the click of a button to switch between the two views.

This feature is most useful for Instructors who are learning about how their changes will be displayed to their students. There are many other uses for this feature, but this is the most popular reason someone might need to be a Training User.

Adding a Training User 

1. From the Admin tool, navigate to User Maintenance -> Training User Maintenance.


2. From this menu, you can enter in the user's information and click "Add Training User" to give that person Training User access.

3. Once you have granted this person Training User access, the user will see a button on their BlueQuill homepage that lets them switch between Faculty and Student view.

- Switch to Faculty view


- Switch to Student view


Granting Existing Users the Opposite Role

If an existing user only needs access to the opposite role (i.e. an existing Instructor needs Student access), then they can be given dual access still by using the Training User form. Using the form in this way requires a few validation cases to be considered:

1. The system looks for the username first. If it finds a match, then it retrieves existing user details, such as first name, last name, email, password and adds a new role for that user. The user details that were entered on the training user form will be ignored.

2. If the username entered on the training user form is unique in BlueQuill, but the email address is not, then the system will throw an exception saying that the user with that email already exists. The admin will have to correct the information and try again. 

3. If the username and email address are both unique, then the system treats it as a new user and provides dual role access to the new user.

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