Opting Out Of E-Textbooks


If you are a Franklin student who wants to opt out of using E-Textbooks, the following article shows how this is done in BlueQuill. 

  1. Log into BlueQuill at 
  2. Click on "Shortcuts" at the top of the screen, next to the home button.


  3. Click on the "E-Textbook Opt Out" link from the academic shortcuts.

  4. This will open a new tab that includes a list of your courses with an "Opt Out" button. Click the button if you want to opt out of using an E-Textbook.2.PNG
  5. Once you click 'Opt Out', you will get a warning that includes features that you will be forfeiting as a result of opting out. Here, you must click either 'Cancel Action' or 'I Understand'. Click cancel if you wish to cancel the  process. Click 'I Understand' if you wish to continue with the opt out process. 
  6. If you clicked 'I Understand' in the previous step, you will be asked to provide a reason for opting out. Please select a reason. If you select 'Other', you will be asked to type a reason. Once you have made a selection, click 'Opt Out' to complete the action, or 'Cancel Action' if you wish to cancel the opt out process. 4.PNG
  7. Once you have opted out, you will see the 'Book Status' change to 'Opt Out' for that course. You will also see the button change from 'Opt Out' to 'Opt In' in case you made a mistake and need to opt back in.

    NOTE: You will only be able to opt in within the first 21 days of the course start date. 


  8. If you need to opt back in, click the 'Opt In' button. Once you click 'Opt In', you will get another prompt. Select either 'Cancel Action' to cancel the action, or 'I Understand' to opt back in. 6.PNG
  9. You will notice that the button will change from saying 'Opt In' to 'Opt Out'. snip_20170310144454.png
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