Instructors Using Turnitin

To Open the ability for students to submit to Turnitin through the BlueQuill assignment: 
1. Open the object in question
2. Press the Turnitin button. If the button has black text, you have never clicked on it before, which means the assignment has not yet been set up in Turnitin. This stops students from submitting to the Turnitin assignment. However, when the text is blue, students can now submit to Turnitin. 
3. Use the Turnitin button to open the assignment in Turnitin. From here you can see submissions from your students. While there is a button to Grade the submission, this Grade does not carry over to BlueQuill. BlueQuill grading by you and BlueQuill submissions by the student are still entirely separate from this Turnitin integration and will need to be carried out directly in BlueQuill. 
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