Release 7.3

Some of the features that were worked on in release 7.3 are as follows:

  • Designers can add/delete attachments in objects for old published courses during the content update. These changes will reflect in live running courses without needing to redeploy.
  • Assessment enhancements:
    • Students will get a confirmation message on submitting an attempt (even if browser auto submits), and the wording remains until its manually dismissed.
    • Students will see a date and time of their last successful attempt inside the quiz object.
    • Instructors can view assessment configurations inside an object, such as time allowed, number of attempts students allowed to take, password to unlock the test, number of questions students will see, and if these questions will be randomized.
    • Few new analytics for student interaction with a timed assessment will display in the activity section of the Hub.
      • when a student starts a timed test
      • when a student access a timed quiz object 
  • Various bug fixes, performance improvements, and software development for Gateway and Mobile application.

Only for instances that support decentralized course sections:

  • Instructors will get a warning popup message if they turn off or make changes to the Assessment or Score tool that has already some user data such as student attempts or scores.


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