Release 6.16


This release includes the following:

1) Object navigation to Previous and Next:

An object will have buttons displayed at the top, that will give user access to next and previous objects. This will eliminate the need of going to the course home page, just to click on the next object. The buttons for the next and previous will display the object name that the user can go into.

The access for the next and previous is determined by their positioning on the course home page, i.e., from Left to Right, and Top to Bottom. For the first and the last object from the home page display, each will have one button because they can only go to either the next or the previous object respectively. 

An object A clicked from the dashboard will have the buttons that will give access to the next and previous objects, just the same way as if the object A was clicked from course home page.

If the course has a condition that displays one or more locked objects, then the students won't be able to navigate through the locked objects using the buttons unless they meet the condition. As conditions doesn't apply to instructors, they will be able to navigate through all the objects in the course using the next and previous object buttons.

The button that lets the user go back to course home page from the object will now display the course name. This information will be useful for users who are in multiple courses.

2) Assessment delete attempt:

If a student runs out of their attempt(s) on an assessment object, and instructor agreed on giving them another try, then the request to delete the attempt used to come to an admin. But now, an instructor will also be able to delete. The delete attempt button becomes available on the assessment attempt view, only when the student runs out of their attempt(s).  

A comment box will also appear along with it. This lets instructor provide a reason for the delete action. Though this feedback is optional, but if provided, can be valuable to improving the performance of the assessment tool.




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