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Submit your paper in BlueQuill separately:

Submitting a paper to in any capacity is not the same as submitting a paper in BlueQuill to be graded by your professor. If you are required to submit your paper to Turnitin to check for originality, you will still need to submit your paper separately in BlueQuill to be graded. Here is a link on how to submit assignments in BlueQuill.


How a student uses Turnitin integration in BlueQuill:

To submit a paper through Turnitin inside of BlueQuill, your course will have to have BlueQuill integration turned on for that course. If you are unsure if your course has Turnitin integration, please see the screenshots below or ask your instructor.

When you submit a paper to Turnitin using the steps below, an account with Turnitin is registered using your student email. While you may be used to going to directly and logging in with your student email or other email accounts, this process is different. Therefore, you may not have the same experience and functionality as if you logged directly into the site. 

If an assignment requires students to use Turnitin before the assignment is submitted in BlueQuill,  they can do so by clicking on the Turnitin button from within the object. It will take them directly to the assignment in  


If you see the error below, your instructor has yet to open submissions in the assignment for Turnitin submission. Please forward the following instructions to them.


Students can then use one of the options (file upload, text input, or cloud submission) to upload their content for review. It usually takes couple minutes to get the originality report from the website. Based on the feedback from the report, students can make changes and re-submit, but it is advisable to wait for 24 hours before they upload the file again. The re-submission will erase the previous upload.


The settings that students are allowed to-

  • Resubmit up until the due date (wait for 24 before uploading it again)
  • Late submit
  • View Originality Report, make changes to their document and resubmit
  • Upload one file per assignment

When student uploads a file and receives an originality report, here is the view they see on turnitin:


It provides a digital receipt for their proof of submission. If instructors require the originality report to be included with the assignment submission in BlueQuill, the students should be able to download it from here and include it in BlueQuill. 

For more information about understanding your originality score, please click here.  


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